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Black Mold in the News - Orem, Utah, and Nationally

In Spite of The Dry Climate in Utah Valley, Homes and Businesses Can Experience Black Mold, Mildew, and other Fungi.

Mold growth has become a common experience. With more people spending time indoors, the quality of indoor air has become a bigger contributor to the health of children in homes and schools, and the workforce in businesses and government buildings.

Utah County is known for its beauty and education. Ideal for large families. However homes in American Fork and throughout Eagle Mountain may still experience mold or mildew issues at some point in their lifetime.  If you have children in school or run a business in Utah County, these too can be affected.  Families in Provo and throughout the Utah Valley can benefit greatly from understanding mold-related health issues affecting others across the country.


Utah Valley - Remove Black Mold

Is Your Home a Healthy Home?

If you suffer from sinus infections or asthma, research shows that there is a good chance that mold could be the cause. Whether you have more harmless mold such as mildew, which gives off a musty odor or a dangerous mold that emits mycotoxins over time. These types of growth can have an effect on your family and children. Schedule a Mold inspection or air quality test by contacting a mold expert today. 

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