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There are many who are unaware of what mold is! It is a type of fungus that looks like an array of blue or green colors, grows in high moisture area or region. The growth of the mold is uncontrollable in these types of atmosphere. Spreads easily on almost anything such as wood, food items, plants/trees, walls, ceilings. These 1000s of spores sustain to any extreme climate and multiplies within no time.

Dealing with it can get tougher when breathed in. Health complications arise if it directly comes in contact. Healthy people can get affected easily by the mold, giving rise to one of the most common problems i.e. “Allergic Reaction”. The other health issues can be asthma, irritations of the eye/nose/throat, sinus allergies, and other respiratory problems.

This is where the Pure Maintenance remediation team comes to the rescue. Enjoy a higher quality life by eliminating dangerous mold, mildew, fungus or bacteria only with Pure Maintenance clean up and remediation solution. To begin with, our team examines damage on the surfaces and checks for possible restoration. We utilize non-caustic and safe chemical solution which is human and pet friendly. These anti mold chemicals won’t leave any residue on house furniture or floors. You may be able to reoccupy your home or office (now a healthy environment) within few hours.

If you dwell in Pleasant Grove, Saratoga Springs or any of the Utah regions, then get the best estimates today from our experts!  Click "Schedule an Appointment" in the menu and get on a mold experts scheduled for a quick call. Our expert can fully understand your issue over the phone or via email, or would simply like a conversation first, fill out the form below, send a text, or call us at (801) 513-3364.

Comprehensive Examination + Assessment For The Mold Remediation Project

Every environment consists of mold spores; the concentration can be more or less. If it’s on the higher side, then it becomes an issue. Pure Maintenance offers the best estimation for air test, live mold growth removal service, and/or reconstruction due to water damage restoration. What are you waiting for? Click ‘schedule your appointment’ on the contact page or directly call us (801) 513-3364 or fill out the below form. We will get in touch with you immediately.

Convenient No Labor Mold Removal

Eliminate Extra Work

Say Bye to Extra laborious work!

No water damage, no mold growth or demolition of walls in your home or office. No worries when you have a Pure Maintenance team.

Cost Savings Mold Remediation Utah Valley

Save Money

Total Mold Elimination Guaranteed!
No need to break the bank. Save a lot of time and money by hiring professional mold remediation services from Pure Maintenance.

Get Rid of Mold Fast Saratoga Springs Utah

Save Time

Pure Maintenance provides faster Mold and Mildew Damage Remediation removal service for an extremely competitive price. Call us anytime.

Mold Mildew Removal Services For Every Region

If you reside in any of these regions like Orem/ Eagle Mountain/ Utah County, or Utah Valley, and looking for fast and efficient mold and mildew removal service, then visit our primary website for the location nearer to you:

We offer comprehensive services that deal with both mold and water damage such as:

  • Mold Testing & Cleanup Services
  • Spore Vacuuming & Removal
  • Moisture Extraction
  • Drywall Replacement
  • Sanitizing
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Advanced Drying Techniques


Homeowners, if you come across any signs of mold, mildew or fungus growth, then give a call (801) 513-3364 or fill out the form at the link below. Our representatives are available 24X7 and 365 days to set up an appointment with our mold removal expert team at Orem.

Mold Removal Testimonials

I was extremely impressed with the quality of Pure Maintenance's work! They were easy to schedule with and they provided me with a bid that they stuck to. I had not realized how convenient of a service was possible to fix the mold issue in my home! They sent me a text to know who to expect at my home, and the service was highly professional. I had a high mold count in the basement of my home last year which they successfully remedied without doing any structural damage to my home whatsoever and they have taken their warranty very seriously. My family has enjoyed being more healthy since our home was serviced a year ago. I've also used Pure Maintenance with a rental property that I own. In both cases we needed to be out of the home for a few hours once treatment started. I was not uncomfortable in the least with the fact that there was an employee in my home without me there. My tenants and I had no issues with anything be taken, and we endorse the integrity of the Pure Maintenance team. This is a company who really cares about the health and satisfaction of its customers! Totally worth it! Totally recommend them!

Kiya H.

These guys were amazing! I heard about Pure Maintenance via my realtors who suggested we proactively get a clean bill-of-health. Pure Maintenance answered all my myriad questions.  They were eminently professional, timely, & effective. I'm impressed & recommend them unequivocally.

Jimmy M.

This company made it easy to understand my mold problem and were quick to help me out. Their fogging technique worked extremely well.

Natalie, M


Advance Cleaning Technique Of Pathogens And Molds

Pure Maintenance has a professional way to deal with every type of mold. Whether it’s a flood or serious water leakage, our mold cleaning services won’t let you down.
Pure Maintenance offers excellent cleaning services that undergo various stages. It starts from the inspection of the damage to the prevention of mold inside your property. The high-velocity drying equipment, vacuum for spore collection, and anti-microbial solution kill any future growth. We ensure proper disposal of the mold with proper cleanup precautions.
Our scientific methods are innovative, and we use state-of-the-art equipment. The chemicals used can eradicate any type of mold/mold spores in any part of your residence or commercial property to provide you a healthy environment to live and work.
We provide affordable and efficient services at Orem. If your property needs pathogen removal or mold remediation services, then contact us (801) 513-3364.

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